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Congratulations to the AUGUST 2022 winning teams!

Modified Class:

1st- 145 Pour Decisions

     Driver: Jason Perkins, Cheney, WA 

     Navigator: Kyle Belles, Spangle, WA

2nd- 154B Purcell Racing

     Driver: James Goldberg, Edmonds, WA

     Navigator: Jeff Purcell, Grapeview, WA

3rd- 666 Way She Goes

     Driver: Jeremy Souza, Oak Harbor, WA

     Navigator: Jessy Law, Oak Harbor, WA


400 Class:

1st- 22 Punisher

     Driver: Phil Miller, Castlegar, BC

     Navigator: Amy Thomasson, Anacortes, WA 

2nd- 27 Preventing Insanity

     Driver: Leighton Lillie, Lewiston, ID

     Navigator: Cody Holzer, Lewiston, ID

3rd- 146A Jolly Rogers

     Driver: Eric Werner, Arlington, WA

     Navigator: Tina Huff, Renton, WA


Unlimited Class:

1st- 411 Ballz Out

     Driver: Dean Lautenschlager, Lewiston, ID

     Navigator: Jack Bringman, Lewiston, ID

2nd- 049 Obsession

     Driver: Robert Cox, Hayden, ID

     Navigator: Ali Krupp, Coeur D Alane, ID

3rd- 711 Grumpy Old Buzzard

     Driver: Lee Rice, Caldwell, ID

     Navigator: Michelle Heindel, Boise, ID


Congratulations to the JUNE 2022 winning teams!

Modified Class:


1st Place- #145 Pour Decisions

      Driver: Jason Perkins, Cheney, WA - Navigator: Eli Gurske, Spangle, WA

2nd Place- #208 Jolly Rogers

      Driver: TJ Burrows, Spirit Lake, ID - Navigator: Keith Brownsberger, Spirit Lake, ID

3rd Place- #23 Dangerous Curves

      Driver: Clint O'Keefe, St. John, WA - Navigator: Mike Thomas, St. John, WA


400 Class:


1st Place- #146A Jolly Rogers

      Driver: Eric Werner, Arlington, WA - Navigator: Tina Huff, Renton, WA

2nd Place- #156 Bad Influence

      Driver: Steven Church, Cheshire, OR - Navigator: Randi Church, Cheshire, OR

3rd Place- #68 Steamin' Kiwi

      Driver: Ruedi Schuler, Liberty Lake, WA - Navigator: David Thompson, Post Falls, ID


Unlimited Class:


1st Place- #69 Overkill

      Driver: Dennis Hughes, Spokane, WA - Navigator: Samantha Hughes, Spokane, WA 

2nd Place- #96 Stars & Stripes

      Driver: Burt Roberts, Star, ID - Navigator: Nicole Heaton, Meridian, ID

3rd Place- #049 Obsession

      Driver: Robert Cox, Hayden, ID - Navigator: Ali Krupp, Coeur d'Alene, ID


Congratulations to the August 2021 winning teams!

Modified Class:


1st 208 Jolly Rogers 40.72 - Dustin Springer; Spirit Lake, ID & Dawn Davis; Ketchikan, AK

2nd 29B Hammertime 40.81 - Dennis Hughes & Jen McClelland; Spokane Valley

3rd 86 Juggernaut 41.47 - Jason Christ & Samantha Christ; Burley, ID


400 Class:


1st 47 Gold Rush 40.07 - Darrin Swindahl & Ashley Swindahl; Graham, WA

2nd 146B Jolly Rogers 40.46 - Eric Werner Arlington, WA; Tina Huff Renton, WA

3rd 5 Black Magic 40.35 - Kelley Stevenson & Tracie Montgomery; Sherwood, OR


Unlimited Class:


1st 69 Overkill 36.63 - Dennis Hughes & Samantha Hughes; Spokane Valley

2nd 96 Stars & Stripes 36.66 - Burt Roberts; Star, ID & Amanda Vestal; Meridian, ID

3rd 411 Ballz Out 40.85 (time from 8 cut) Dean Lautenschlager & Jack Bringman; Lewiston, ID


Congratulations to the June 2021 winning teams!

Modified Class

1st Place: 208 Jolly Rogers, Dustin Springer (Spirit Lake, ID) and Dawn Davis (Ketchikan, AK) with a 39.59

2nd Place: 146A Jolly Rogers, Eric Werner (Arlington, WA ) and Tina Huff (Renton, WA) with a 40.64

3rd Place: 29B Hammertime, Dennis Hughes (Spokane Valley, WA) and Jennifer McClelland (Spokane Valley, WA) with a 39.89


400 Class

1st Place: 47 Gold Rush, Darrin and Ashley Swindahl (Graham, WA) with 39.80

2nd Place: 156 Bad Influence, Steven Church (Cheshire, OR) and Lisa Bowman (Payette, ID) with a 40.36

3rd Place: 12 Bank Shot, Daryl Healy(Caldwell, ID) and Michael Ostrem (Dwall, WA) with a 43.12


Unlimited Class

1st Place: 69 Overkill, Dennis and Samantha Hughes (Spokane Valley, WA) with a 37.46

2nd Place: 15M Rum Runner, Jerimy Brewer (Kennewick, WA) and Presley Lollar (Benton City, WA) by default with a DNF (the other two competitor weren't able to start in the final 4)

3rd Place: 411 Ballz Out, Dean Lautenschlager (Lewiston, ID) and Jack Bringman (Lewiston, ID) with a 38.29 in 3rd round qualifying


Congratulations to the August 2019 winning teams!

Modified Class

1st Place #08 Bad Fish, Scott Jensen & Alex Jensen
2nd Place #208 Jolly Rogers, Dustin Springer & TJ Burrows
3rd Place #40A Blew Bayou, Dylan Hatch & Clayton Johnson

400 Class

1st Place #22 Fat Buddy, Phil Miller & Sharon Heuser
2nd Place # 9 Fat Buddy, Jesse Nepstad-Miller & Kalyn Miller
3rd Place # 47 Bandit Gold, Darrin Swindahl & Ashley Swindahal

Unlimited Class

1st Place #69 Overkill, Dennis Hughes & Samantha Hughes
2nd Place #35 Kiwi, Chris Munro & Katie Munro
3rd Place #411 Ballz Out, Dean Lautenschlager & Jack Bringman


Congratulations to the June 2019 winning teams! 

Modified Class

1st Place #08 Bad Fish, Scott Jensen and Alex Jensen

2nd Place #208 Jolly Rogers, Dustin Springer and TJ Burrows

3rd Place #91 Flyin’ Hawaiian, Dustin Chase and Tom Trutter

400 Class

1st Place #22 Fat Buddy, Phil Miller and Sharon Heuser 

2nd Place #09 Fat Buddy, Jesse Miller and Kalyn Miller

3rd Place #47 Bandit Gold, Darrin Swindahl and Ashley Swindahl

Unlimited Class

1st Place #69 Overkill, Dennis Hughes and Samantha Hughes

2nd Place #151M Psycho, Kyle Patrick and Amanda Thompson

3rd Place #049 Obsession, Robert Cox and Aimee Cox


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